North America

Ron, Brenda, Ronnie, Victoria, and Sophia Barnes

General Director of Source of Light Ministries International

John and Judy Bigelow

Retired Missionaries To:
Juneau, Alaska

Dr. Larry and Sallie Fogle

Missionaries To:
Pastoral Enrichment Program (P.E.P.)
Travels world-wide yearly teaching conferences for national pastors.

Earl, Marilyn, Grant, Elya, Kendra, Aubrey, and Michaela Shaffer

Missionaries To:
Galloway, Ohio

Michael, Sherri, Emily, and Benjamin Vanek

Missionaries To:
Faith Baptist Community Center and Church
Cleveland, Ohio

Ed and Betty Walden

Missionaries To:
Missionary Acres in Missouri

Bob and Ruth Watterson

Retired Missionaries To:
Theological Instruction and Ministry Enrichment (T.I.M.E.)
Department of Baptist Mid-Missions

Central & South America

Radcliffe, Marcia, Ricardo, and Rochelle Braham

Missionaries To:
AWANA program

Jonathan, Jenny, J.D., Jakey, Juleah, and Jillian Reiner

Missionaries To: Northeast Brazil


Jim and Rachel Chambers

Missionaries To: Zambia


Roy and Nancy Jones

Missionaries To: Madrid, Spain

Brent, Tammy, Victoria, Keegan, Olivia, and Emma Lowe

Missionaries To: Mafra, Portugal

Cliff, Alison, Caleb, Hope, Josiah, and Isaac Reynolds

Missionaries To: England


Steve, Sue, Shannon, and Shelby Mayo

Asia/Pacific Regional Administrator